MTM은 국내최초 카메라모듈검사장비와 검사장비 전부분의 자체 기반 기술을 보유하고 있습니다.

제품소개 내용



· Stand inspection equipment
· 4CH Multiple Modules at the same time
· 5/8/13 Mega-pixel camera module
  customers need
· Quad Head socket Auto tester (4 PARA)
· Color calibration dedicated equipment, each a different color temperature
  of the light source in accordance with AWB cal & Shading cal test
· Camera module, image acquisition from the a la carte state after CAL TEST
· Darkroom Calibration test
· Opening and closing automatically loading / unloading
· Dimension: W600 x D1490 x H900 (mm)
· T/T : 10s
· USB3.0 Type